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Department of Sociology

About the Department


The department of sociology was established in 1960 with the establishment of J. S. Hindu (P. G.) College, Amroha itself. The very first founder of the department of Sociology was Dr. Rameshwar Dayal Raipuria, who was a distinguished and a well-known personality. After retirement of Dr. Rameshwar Dayal Raipuria, Dr. Bharat Lal Agrawal joined the department in the year 1994 and took the charge of the department. In the year 1996, PG course started running in self-financed section. Dr. Bharat Lal Agrawal retired in the year 2007, then Dr. Navneet Vishnoi took the charge of department, who had already been appointed on temporary cum management-based position. Dr. Harendra Kumar and Dr. Navneet Vishnoi (Permanent position) joined the department in the year 2012 and Dr. Harendra Kumar took the charge of the department. Dr. Anurag Kumar Pandey, Dr. Jitendra Kumar and Mr. Gyanesh Kumar Varma joined the department in the year 2020. Currently, we also have two self-financed faculties Dr. Poonam Verma and Dr. Seema Singh, who joined in the year 2010.

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop a sociological imagination and a broad outlook as an essential pre-requisite to study and understand society and culture in both the local and global contexts.

  • To adopt social and psychological perspectives crucial for a broader and deeper understanding of social and cultural phenomena.

  • To provide methodological and theoretical insights to enable students to analyze society and its dynamics.

  • To introduce students to both classical sociological theory, in addition to more recent developments in social theory along with current debates and research in different parts of the world.




The department of sociology is seeking to provide students with a broad and actionable education, applicable to a variety of career paths that includes research, writing, and critical thinking skills. Sociology offers students a rigorous training to critically examine the social world, including groups, institutions, cultures, and interactions. The stated mission of the department of sociology are:

  • To promote teaching facilities to be leading academicians and researchers by providing various facilities such as departmental lecture programmes, invited guest lectures, organizations of National and International Seminars, Conferences, Workshops etc.

  • To innovate and renovate the teaching-learning process, where teaching and learning can be carried forward in the challenges and changes of real life.

  • To provide a stimulating environment of learning and teaching with new resources, which can ignite young minds.

  • To help the students in materializing the employability skills.



The vision of the department is to provide quality-oriented teaching that may bring out the potentiality of the students. Besides the specific visions of the department are as follows:

  • The department is planning to emphasis on research activities with the support from the head of the institution.

  • The faculty members will undertake Minor/Major research projects with financial assistance from UGC, ICSSR and other funding agencies.

  • The departmental library will start functioning from next academic year and the department plans to subscribe the referred journals relevant to the subject.

  • Audio-visual teaching aids and internet would be used limberly for class room instruction.


Faculty Profiles

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