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Seminar on Water Conservation on 22 March 2021 


A seminar was organized in the college to celebrate World Water Day. As a matter of fact, both kinds of water conservation--physical and underground water and its proper management-- is required. Proper execution and implementation of government policies must be adopted for this effect. There is no escape from futuristic disasters due to lack of proper water conservation. Extreme exploitation of underground water is a matter of great concern. There is only 1% of potable water on the land of which timely conservation is an urgent need of time. At present, the whole of the world is suffering from the challenges of water conservation and its pollution, for which physical self-efforts are also required. Almost 2.5 billion of population of the world is devoid of clean water and because of extreme exploitation of water, a major part of the land has changed into dark zone which itself is very much dangerous. Mass awareness is also required in favor of proper water utilization and changing lifestyle and along with it, it is also necessary that we should avoid misuse of water by following it without any purpose.

"Water is Life"

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