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Department of English Studies and Research

The Department of English Studies and Research has been a part and parcel of J S Hindu PG Collage from its very inception. Its twin foci are English Language and English Literature. The department caters to the needs of the students aspiring for training, expertise and excellence. Currently all three emphasis areas require the same foundation of five courses. The vision of the English Department is to provide students in all emphasis areas with a coherent curricular framework and relevant, well-structured choices. With that vision in mind, the English Department has begun a study of the curriculum and is exploring a complete revamping of the foundation and the emphasis area requirements. Liberal Education is education in the liberal arts, which are the thinking arts, as opposed to practical arts (such as engineering, farming, or carpentry) or the fine arts (such as music, sculpture, and dance). The medieval universities, following ancient tradition, designated seven liberal arts in two groups. The trivium (the three language arts) included grammar, rhetoric and logic. The quadrivium (the four mathematical arts) comprised mathematics, geometry, astronomy, and music. Today we have many more disciplines in the university, but all of them still make use of symbolic systems to study the world. And the two prime symbolic systems in use are still language (the primary intellectual tool of the humanities and some of the social sciences) and mathematics (the prime intellectual tool of the sciences and some of the social sciences). We acknowledge the importance of students’ facility with these symbolic systems when we require that all students achieve a certain degree of competence in writing and mathematics as prerequisites to most other liberal arts courses.

Faculty Profiles

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